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Fossil Expeditions

Clewiston Museum fossil collection represents creatures of the Glades from thousands of years ago.  We have fossils of mammoths, giant tree sloths, giant land turtles and many others.

Spanish Galleons & Treasures

Gold and treasures from South America has been found in the Glades!  Histories and important details are highlighted in our exhibit.


During WWII Clewiston trained British pilots (RAF) at Riddle Field just west of Clewiston.

Letters, medals, uniforms and training tools comprise our exhibit. Click on the image to see more! Click the title above to read about the life of a #5 BFTS cadet, George Hogarth.

Seminole & Miccosukee 

Prior to the 20th century Native Americans (Caloosa, Seminole, Miccosukee) thrived in the Glades. Our exhibit contains clothing, tools, and adornments they used.

Fish of Lake Okeechobee

Bass, catfish and other fish have been tremendous magnets for sport fishing as well as commercial fishing.  The lake ecosystem which includes birds, alligators, and other fauna and flora, plays a huge part in the history of the Glades area.



Brought to you by U.S Sugar

A new virtual reality exhibit has been donated by USSC. Museum guests can take a virtual

tour of sugar farming and processing and better understand one of the area’s major industries.  

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