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Our Story

Established in 1984 and the Clewiston Museum serves as a place for all to discover the unique history surrounding the Hendry/Glades area of South Florida. Representing the heritage of Hendry County, the museum exhibit range's from the sugar and cattle industry, prehistoric fossils, to Seminole Indians, WWII flying British Air Force, deadly Hurricanes, to Conquistador treasure. Located on the Southwest side of Lake Okeechobee, one of the largest natural freshwater lakes in the United States, we welcome you to visit, learn, and find adventure in our history!

Best of the Lake awards.jpg

The Clewiston Museum was proud to win "Best Museum" and be runner-up for "Best Event Venue" in the Lake Okeechobee News' "Best of the Lake" contest!!
Thank you to all who voted!!!

Museum Director

Leigh Woodham

Board of Trustees

Carly Berner
Sissy Castellanos
Miller Couse
Mark Dietz, Vice-Chair/Co-Treasurer
Karl Larsen
Brenda Lopez
Glen Pridgen, Chair
Amy Swindle, Co-Treasurer/Secretary

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